Alcohol, chocolate, socks, brazil nuts and a head like a melon


As Christmas approaches for another year the thoughts of Christmas dinners and time off from work appeal to most of us. However what is often less appealing is the yearly battle to find an original gift for a friend or relative who has everything. If you are anything like us the list goes something like this

“Must buy present for (the dreaded) Auntie Doris, need something that looks like I made the effort despite taking no time or thought on my part whatsoever….”


A) Alcohol – (Nah did that last year, and don’t think I can take another three hours scaling the roof to coax down a rather worse for wear Auntie Doris, whilst listening to an out of tune rendition of the twelve days of Christmas, after she downed that bottle of Absinthe..)

B) Chocolate – (No still remember the trip to A&E the year before when her head swelled up like a melon due the hidden Brazil nuts in that chocolate box, it was an honest mistake I didn’t read the label…)

C) A DVD – (no please not another 3 day matinee of Howards way)

D) Socks – (Come on really, I must have a better idea than that….back to A)

Well at Enigmatology we have been thinking hard about this problem and have come up with an cunning, easy to order answer. Drum roll…………..

Give Auntie Vera an Enigmatology gift voucher! Available either for a team of 2 players or 3-5 players and delivered directly to their door with no fuss. How easy is that?

Rather than her tormenting your brain across the Christmas and New Year you get to the send her to us, and let our mystery rooms torment her mind instead.

The ultimate gift for that hard to buy for relative without actually making much effort yourself at all.

P.S. Vouchers aren’t limited to Aunties with names like Doris you can actually buy one for anyone with any name (amazing huh!) and even for someone you like as well we won’t let on promise 🙂

What are you waiting for……?

BUY GIFT VOUCHER (2 Players)                  BUY GIFT VOUCHER (3-5 Players)