Enigmatology offers the chance for colleagues and friends to pit their wits together with the intention of solving a mystery. Players have 60 minutes to solve clues, puzzles and codes which will ultimately reveal the bigger picture and unravel the enigma.


The themed escape rooms at Enigmatology are designed to challenge the individual and promote team building by encouraging cooperation within a group.

Working together is essential to solve the mystery within the given timescale of 60 minutes.

• Suitable for teams of 2-10 people, both Elemental and The Strange Case of Professor Crowhagen can be booked to run simultaneously and so encourage competition between two teams. Teams of over 5 players will require both puzzle rooms or consecutive time slots.

• A choice of two escape rooms, each of which offers a unique team building experience.

• Working together is essential to solve the mystery before the 60 minute time scale expires!

Colleagues will need to cooperate with each other during the live game, using their observational abilities and mental skills in order to withstand the pressure and defy the clock as the deadline looms…..

• The live game encourages creative cognition in a mentally challenging situation which in turn can foster these skills for future workplace problems.

• Interaction is required in order to complete the puzzle and colleagues are able to express themselves differently in unfamiliar surroundings without the social pressures of the workplace.

• By working together under different conditions colleagues are likely to lose workplace inhibitions and so get to know each others strengths

• Enigmatology provides an alternative to traditional team building events and it is really good fun!

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Take your group out of their comfort zone and create positive memories that will benefit the future cohesion of your team!

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