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Escape room Teesside update.

After a long year of planning and building we are proud (and relieved) that we finally have an opening day for our new room The Secret of Crick Hollow. The game will run at our escape room venue in Stockton-on-Tees in Teesside from October 20th 2018. Building on the success of our current games The Strange Case of Professor Crowhagen and Elemental, this new escape room game will see you pit your skills and wits against the cunning puzzles in an extended 90 minute timeframe.

The game is set in the backdrop of the remote rural village of Crick Hollow. Your team of investigators have received reports of strange goings on in the town. Strange markings have begun to appear above doorways, unintelligible voices whispering can be heard resonating from the churchyard and a deep mist has descended upon the town. After a long journey your team arrive in the village at nightfall, with the wind whipping up and the rain beginning to lash down you find a building to take shelter in….

So if you are looking for something a little different to do in Teesside, why not explore the mysteries of Crick Hollow and visit us at Enigmatology.