Opening Day - Enigmatology - Escape Room Teesside | Stockton-on-Tees | Middlesbrough | Billingham

Opening Day


After many months of hard work our first puzzle room is opening in Stockton-On-Tees on the 30th July 2016. Whilst creating an exit game can seem quite easy at first glance it really isn’t. There is so much to consider to ensure the final product meets the demands and expectation of your customers.

We have learnt a great deal during the process and many new skills from plastering and floor sanding to the setting up of online booking systems and social media advertising.Finally we are ready to unleash our first mystery on the Teeeside public.

When starting Enigmatology we really wanted to explore the story aspect of the games, rather than just escaping a room, we wanted to bring a more personal aspect to engage our players. Many of us have read great mystery novels and not wanted to put the book down, or spent hours playing a game just trying to get to the next bit and this was something we wanted to try and create in each and every room we setup, I guess its our ethos really…

We think we’ve created something a little different in our first mystery “The strange case of Professor Crowhagen” a cross between a great book and an adventure where you are part of the plot.

Hopefully we have achieved what we set out to do…Why not come along and try us out and let us know if we’ve succeeded?