The first escape room in Teesside

new_logoFinally we are ready to open our doors to the adventuring public of Teesside and the North east. Based in Stockton-On-Tees our puzzle rooms are themed to give you an immersive fun experience.

If you have never played an exit game or escape room before, what are you waiting for? You really don’t know what you have been missing!

Whilst the majority or escape rooms and exit games focus on being locked into a room and solving a series of challenges within (generally) a 60 minute time limit in order to “escape”. Our games are slightly different we don’t lock the doors so you can leave at any time, instead we try to focus a little more on the story surrounding the game, encouraging you to become part of the adventure.

Your job is to solve a specific mystery within 60 minutes using all you powers of deduction (think Sherlock crossed with Poirot and crossed again with Crystal maze and you are somewhere on the right track!).

Exit games, escape rooms or puzzle rooms, whatever you want to call them are an amazing and fun way to spend some time with friends or family. If you enjoy a mental challenge and a great time, why not give us a visit at our venue in Stockton-On-Tees in the heart of Teesside, we are sure you will enjoy yourselves.

Looking forward to seeing you @Enigmatology