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Themes and new rooms

As we move in to the last quarter of the year and start the mad run into the Christmas period. @Enigmatology, we have been working behind the scenes creating and building our second escape room in Stockton-On-Tees, to complement the very popular “Strange case of Professor Crowhagen”.

This room will run alongside our exist room at our Teesside escape room venue (so if you haven’t taken on the challenge of Professor Crowhagen, don’t worry you still have time its not going to disappear just yet!)

As with all our rooms we are trying to make sure we balance the puzzle solving with a strong storyline to really get our visitors engaged in the escape room and feel they are part of the story. This we feel is the real benefit of escape rooms versus other forms of entertainment. If you go to the theatre or cinema you tend to watch a performance, if you play a video game although immersive at times, it is still another world you are not quite fully integrated into, even with Virtual Reality becoming more mainstream this medium still lacks the ability to physically interact with your surroundings.

What’s different with an escape room an exit game or a room escape (whatever you favourite term) is that you are actually part of the story and can affect what happens directly. It has been referred to as “immersive theatre” which I think describes the experience quite well.

Whilst building our new room we are already looking to the future and thinking about other rooms and themes that we could incorporate into our rooms. Lots of our inspiration comes from books we have read or games we have played, but there are so many it sometimes difficult to pick a favourite theme, essentially when creating a room your imagination is the only obstacle.

So to the point of the post, we would like to know from the people who follow us what themes are your favourite.

Would you like to solve a mystery in an ancient crypt?
Save the world from a nuclear disaster?
Escape a haunted house?

If you could theme a room about anything what would you choose?

Let us know we are dying to find out…..